Friday, 25 February 2011

lagu sepuluh pagi

pukul sepuluh pagi
masih belum tido lagi
coursework tak siap2 lagi
deadline pukul empat ni
mata sudah tak boleh bukak
oh saya berjanji
taknak buat kerja
last minute lagi
tapi sekarang
mari kita dengar lagu rosalinda
sebab saya tak tahu
apa saya merapu ini

Thursday, 24 February 2011

lagu empat pagi

pukul 4 pagi
saya masih tak tido lagi
kena buat kerja
coursework tak habis habis
saya sudah gila
minum 2 cawan nescafe
otak sudah bengong
kerja masih tak siap lagi
pastu pegi bukak blog
buat lagu 4 pagi
memanglah kerja tak siap
bajet taylor swift
boleh buat lagu sendiri

Tuesday, 15 February 2011



*okay going to do some works now*

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Random Song

U know when u shuffle your songs on itunes and suddenly an unfamiliar song comes up and u don't know that song? Like maybe your friend gave it to u ages ago and u say to them u have listen to it but u actually don't? Well it happened to me yesterday and I'm loving this song!

It's very mellow and very2 slow which is not my type at all but maybe Valentine's venom just kicked into me. Bahhh Valentines SUCKS. But I want to thank whoever gives this song to me. ure awesome!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Career Rant

First of all I will stop apologising for not updating my blog
since I found out that most bloggers are really not consistence on blogging.
Hence I am normal then ;D

I'm here to write about a mayjah career detour.
Well its not certain yet but this is what I have in mind now and I'm kinda tired doing my dissertation so I decide to blog about it!!!!

I was determined to take actuarial science when I was Form 5,
together with my roomate Hana. Despite the obvious which is money (duhh)
actuarial science seems rather appealing to me as I was told that it involves
around Maths which I am really good at (well atleast at that time).

Boy I can't be more wrong.
True, actuarial science DOES revolves around maths, but not the parts that I love.
I love solving puzzles (which reminds me I HAVE to write about rubik's cube!!), I love
the mysteriousness around maths (ok im going over board here).
The maths around actuarial science is actually more theoretical,
which actually stop making sense to me. Only now I figured out why the classes (actuarial related) bores me to death , and the explanation is just simple ; I just checked out.
Plus the idea of working in the insurance business is just YAWN.

So if I don't want to be an actuary what can I do with my (Insya-Allah)
Actuarial Science Degree? I was recently recently choose Investment
as my elective subject and I'm dare to declare here that I didn't feel so connected
with a subject in so long. Plus I took Technical Analysis last term and I love it too.
Basically now I love doing anything involving shares and funds.
It is soooo much interesting and unpredictable ;
that is I won't be doing the same thing everyday as the market is full of surprises!
Plus there is much more men in suits ;D

So for now, I'm inclined towards Investment Banking or
Technical Analysis but who knew when I'll change my mind.
One thing I know , for the first time in years, I can see my future.

p/s: happy new year=)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hello again=)

Its been exactly a month since I wrote the last post.
Sorry folks. M really busy (alasan2).

Anyways what happened in the past month?
Hermmmm....let me think.
(Seriously thinking coz this post is really random)
Well apart from the courseworks I'm doing...
And oh the dissertation I'm writing..

Oh we had an Open House!!!!
We being our house, the TB'Js and the Casa's
Like really proper invite-the-whole-London
Open House. Well not the WHOLE whole, you get the picture right??
It was exhausting but really fun!!!
Really, I don't know how tiring hosting an open house can be.
Yes we had our Open House in Malaysia. But that was totally diff.
But the fun part totally trump everything.
We cook, decorate and everything.
Though the REALLY fun part begins when the party officially ended.
We got to karaoke and watch X-Factor together.
Very Malaysian huh?? xp

I think a week after that (or so. I really cant remember the date),
we went and visit the parliament!!
Like literally INSIDE them.
it was so damn shower (shower=cool in street lingo. I might use it wrong here=p).
The inside was really333 beautiful.
Im amazed how they preserved every inch of the place.
(I'm really into history now)
One day I would like to visit Malaysia's Parliament to compare!

What else happened.
Hurmm nothing major I guessed.
We just went and see Saw 3d for Halloween.
And walk around Piccadilly and Leceister Sq and see
others in costumes. No one was really outstanding like worth a picture taken
type of costumes. But still. It was uber cool.

Oh my ex-classmate from Jasin dropped by in London!
I feel REALLY old now that I can say:
I havent seen you in FIVE years!!
I was thinking;
I'm still young I wont allow to say that!!!!!
ugh who m i kidding.

I will upload the pictures later.
So not in the mood to scout them at fb=p

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mini Shopaholic Review

So I got the book!!
And almost done reading.
I'm quite busy this week with
FinalYear Project Proposal and all,
I haven't got the time to finish it.
And I got to say.
I'm quite dissapointed.
I'm hoping that the book will center about Minnie (the daughter)
Instead, i'ts focussing about Becky planning a suprise birthday party
for Luke. How totally lame is that.
Don't get me wrong, Minnie IS in the book with the
attitude and Nanny Sue (totally a rip off of Suppernanny).
But she's like a supporting role (credit to Yazira) instead of the main character.

It also kinda disturbs me that Luke always
starts with
Instead of "Honey...." or "Baby..."
Really I can't feel the love like in the "Shopaholic and Baby".
Well atleast until the couple of last chapters.

Though I still have my utter respect to Sophie Kinsella.
It is really hard to continue what seems to be a flawless run.
And I still can't put it down whenever I start reading it.
(One time this guy totally stare at me in the tube cause I'm smiling
too hard)

And the letters doesn't dissapoint.
(You shopaholic die-hards know what I mean right?)
My favorite is when Becky wrote to the Chancellor and ask for
"damehoods for shopping"
cause she shops so much and shows
"real commitment to sustaining the economy"
Now if thats real no doubt I will get one of those.

I'm also wondering what is it like to be in Luke's shoe.
Wouldn't it be amazing if we have a spin-off from Luke's point of view?
He'll be like :
"Oh Golly what is she doing this time. I told her to tell her parents already."

*Spoiler alert*

The end of the book totally give a clue that
Becky and family will have a new adventure in
Planet Hollywood.
(Yes I cheated, I read the end first)

Now THAT I can't wait.
Sophie Kinsella (Madeleine Wickham, whatevs)
Please Please Please
don't dissapoint me this time!

Not so good picture.